Case Consultation

Cases involving forensic evidence are complex and difficult to fully understand without significant advanced training. Our task is to help you and the jury understand the complexities of forensics and to reduce those complexities to layman’s language.

Our case consultation services include:

  • Analysis of all evidence types, including, but not limited to DNA, toxicology, firearms, fingerprints, and autopsy procedures and findings.
  • Review of available data, including chain of custody documents, the qualifications and experience of the forensic analysts, the validity of the analytical and quality control procedures used, the accuracy of the results, and the validity of the conclusions reached.
  • Advise on possible approaches available in light of the forensic evidence, including possible retesting of the evidence, questions to present to the opposing experts, and flaws in the evidence.

Toxicology Intrepretation

Toxicological analysis may be performed on a variety of samples collected from a number of different sources. Each of those analyses requires an individual evaluation, and the overall interpretation of the totality of those analyses is necessary to provide determination of the contribution, if any, that drugs or poisons may have had to the physiological response of the individual.

Our toxicology analysis services include:

  • Determination of drug facilitated sexual assault with a thorough analysis of the available blood, urine, and possibly hair toxicology results.
  • Review of urine drug testing to determine proof of ingestion or lack of ingestion of a toxin.
  • Interpretation of drugs in different matrices including hair, sebum, fingernails, sweat, and meconium.

Accreditation Consulting

The experts at IFSC have assisted in the accreditation process of a number of laboratories , both domestic and international, and will use their acquired knowledge and experience to assist you in achieving accreditation, from the planning stages through the final steps. The experts at IFSC have over 50 years experience as auditors and inspectors for various accreditation bodies, and an equivalent body of experience as directors and managers of working accredited laboratories. This unique accumulation of experience allows IFSC to evaluate your facility both from the point of view of an inspector and a laboratory director/manager. If you are a functioning laboratory facing your first inspection or an established, accredited laboratory that is looking for reaccreditation, the experts at IFSC can assist you with their years of experience, IFSC experts can assist you in achieving your goal of accreditation. We have experience with all of the major accreditation processes, including ISO-17025, ASCLD/LAB, SAMSHA, ABFT, CLIA and CAP.

Our accreditation consulting services include:

  • Laboratory accreditation
  • Pre-planning analysis
  • Creation of an accreditation plan
  • Timeline visits to assess progress, evaluate changes and suggest improvements. The process of accreditation is a hands-on task and constant vigilance is necessary to achieve the final outcome.
  • Training
  • Hazardous Waste Handling
  • Data Interpretation
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance
  • Evidence Handling/Chain of Custody
  • Laboratory Security
  • Safety
  • Preparation of standard operating procedures (SOPs), quality management manuals and other laboratory documentation must conform to the guidelines of the accreditation agency.
  • Pre-inspections of your laboratory.
  • Post-inspection to address deficiencies assessed by the accrediting agency.

Educational Accreditation Consulting

In an effort to provide education and training to the next generation of forensic scientists, many colleges and universities are considering the addition of degree programs in the forensic sciences, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The experts at IFSC include individuals who have created and overseen forensic science degree programs and are uniquely qualified to assist you in the planning and implementation of such a program at your school.

Our educational consulting services include:

  • Planning an educational program to assist your faculty and administration in creating a master plan based on the type of degree offering and the certification that you desire for your institution.
  • Pre-planning analysis to evaluate your current facilities, faculty and staff and provide a detailed report outlining the gaps in your current structure that will need to be addressed prior to the implementation of a degree program.
  • Creation of a master plan to be the formal guiding document for the entire process. This plan will include suggested courses, required courses for certification, and qualifications of faculty, necessary facilities improvements, staffing and budget estimates and scheduling of applications for certification.
  • IFSC will visit your facilities at predetermined intervals during the process to assess progress, evaluate changes and suggest improvements.

Medical Record Review

A medical record, consisting of physician’s office and hospital records, is intended to provide a complete picture of the medical treatment received by an individual. Unfortunately, those records are commonly filled with unusual abbreviations and are sometimes illegible and incomplete.

Our medical review services include:

  • Determination of what medications were given, what treatment was provided, how frequently and what tests were used to monitor the condition of the patient.
  • Review any other aspects of the medical record that will assist you in determining if the treatment given was appropriate and properly administered.