International Forensic Science Consultants (IFSC) specializes in providing high-caliber, unbiased, and scientifically valid forensic consultation to the legal system.

International Forensic Science Consultants (IFSC) mission is to provide unbiased, scientifically valid forensic consultation to all members of the legal community, whether criminal or civil, prosecution or defense. IFSC will seek, find, and provide answers to our client’s distinctive needs through open communications, strong commitment, and responsive service.

Since our founding in 1999, we have built a reputation of providing quality forensic analysis to prosecutors, defense attorneys, laboratories, law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, civil litigators, private security agencies, and many individuals globally.

As practicing forensic scientists, International Forensic Science Consultants staff have several years of experience in providing expert interpretation of forensic procedures, evidence handling, and analysis. We our clients with reliable solutions and laymen’s expert testimony to their most complex forensic challenges. Other services include training to law enforcement agencies, pre-inspection services to laboratories seeking accreditation, and expert witness testimony throughout the world.

We know the true possibilities of forensic analytical techniques and the truth behind the common misconceptions. We’ll provide focused, unbiased information to help answer all your questions about forensic evidence.